Kerala. Cultural. Kaleidoscope of Flavors.

KCK was an idea that took fruit when two long lost friends bumped into each other. What started then as a journey down memory lane resulted in a desire to relive and share the flavors of their childhood with the world. KCK is a small proposal that has expanded beyond national boundaries and now serves as a platform, spearheading traditional Kerala food.

We at KCK understand that food as an experience doesn’t just stop at the kitchen; rather it traverses socio-cultural, health and nostalgic realms. To us food is a primate linkage between producers and consumers – both lovers of authentic Keralite cuisine. Not only will our cultural bonanza be a single day affair, but through our stalls and online stores selling the best of authentic ingredients (according to FACCI norms), you can continue celebrating genuine Kerala culture all year round. As they say “Home is where the heart is, and there is nothing better for the heart than some delicious, traditional cooking!”. Come be a part of a cultural revival, come be part of the KCK family.

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