Chef Regi Mathew

Noted Thai cuisine exponent and leading Indian Chef Regi Mathew’s distinguished culinary career began from his early days as a Chef Trainee with Taj Group of Hotels in Bangalore, and went on to become the chef in charge at Paradise Island, Taj Westend’s signature Thai restaurant. With food critics writing glowing reviews repeatedly in a very short time, Chef Regi has received more accolades than many chefs receive in a lifetime.

At Oriental Cuisines, Chef Regi conceptualized and gave shape to a success story called ‘Benjarong’, India’s first and notably the very best stand-alone Thai Restaurant. Chef Regi Mathew’s insatiable passion for cooking began during his growing up years in Kerala, so it was only natural that he did something to promote his native cuisine, pushing the boundaries to launch ‘Ente Keralam’, a concept restaurant serving haute Kerala cuisine, Turning a native cuisine into a fashion statement, Ente Keralam received the rare honour of being rated the best amongst best by noted Food Critic Vir Sanghvi.

Chef Regi’s passion to research food and recipe both added knowledge to be able to adapt Thai, Japanese, Oriental, Spanish, Coastal Indian and other cuisines to the Indian palate, helped turn ordinary concepts into extraordinary successes.

For someone who believes that ‘You are only as good as the last dish you cook’, his passion kept him busy in the kitchen. Currently, besides his corporate responsibilities, he also holds key positions in MNCs and in the F&B industry, lending his expertise in establishing successful restaurants, Menu & Food Designing and conceptualization of various standalone restaurants in Chennai, Bangalore and Overseas. He is also a consultant for MTR Foods, Bangalore for their Centre of Excellence.

Chef Regi recently launched Tranquil Gourmet Solutions, committing to three well defined areas: Restaurant Concept Development, Food Designing and Gastronomic Consulting.

Tranquil Gourmet Solutions reflects Chef Regi’s passion for carving success stories.

Using scientific and proven methods like recipe research and menu engineering he helps build sustainable business models. Backward integration of Recipe, a concept developed by Chef Regi where study of different ingredient’s flavours to first identify its chemical composition and later finding the best ways to recreate & store the ingredients for very long periods made the difference between success and failure for an existing restaurant chain.

He enjoys travelling domestically and internationally to study recipes, local cuisines and palate. While exchanging notes with Chefs from around the world, he takes out time to visit various international culinary institutions.

Chef Regi also dedicates some of his free time to research & script his first book dedicated to recipes, kitchen secrets & gourmet experiences.

John Paul

John Paul after completing his education from Indian Institute of Packaging joined Choice Group and then ITC Ltd where he spent nearly a decade honing his skills.

He joined his family business in the late 1990s moving to Chennai wherein, he specialised in manufacturing of high end teak wood furniture for five Star hotels, HNIs residences and palatial bungalows across India and Middle East.

Apart from creating masterpieces in wood his passion for food and specifically traditional, authentic and sumptuous Malayalee food which was found lacking in Chennai led him in a quest to be the brain behind KCK.

Apart from being a Page 3 personality and well known in the social party circuit of Chennai he has concocted the Kandhaari Cocktail which is a fiery but lip smacking cocktail that goes well with the home grown foods of Kerala

Augustine K V

Augustine K V is the Managing Director at Geo & Nobi Events and Exhibitions – a well-known Event Management organization in the south.

Having worked with a number of different organizations including Raj TV, as the CEO for the Home video division and LG Care as the VP- Marketing before climbing up the ladder at Geo & Nobi, Augustine is known to be the ultimate team player with an eye for detail and zeal for perfection.

With the desire to promote the food and culture of his homeland and spread the wonders of his childhood flavours, KCK is a dream come true for this global jet-setter.

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